The Church of Kopimism worships no gods. We are a congregation of file sharers who believe that the internet is holy and the copying of information is a sacrament. Kopimixing is a particularly sacred kind of copying because it enhances and expands the existing wealth of information. The church was conceived by Isak Gerson in 2010, and was legally recognised as a religious community in Sweden in January 2012. While there is a politics to seeking religious sanctuary for the act of copying, our belief in the spiritual value of shared culture is entirely sincere.

Kopimism Australia was founded in 2012, in collaboration with The Missionary Church of Kopimism New Zealand. The Australian art collective Soda_Jerk are the appointed Ops of Kopimism Australia. The community of Kopimi requires no formal membership. Any person who identifies with the philosophy, is considered a Kopimist. One just has to feel a calling to worship the holiest of the holiest: the copying and sharing of information. Seed the faith.